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Sealed basic snap action microswitch for high breaking capacity.

Wide range of interchangeable actuators.

The MP90 series offers IP67 protection.

The housing is IP67 sealed using an ultrasonic welding process. High operating temperature and long life makes this switch a perfect solution for industrial applications.


EN/UL 61058-1 250VAC/15A 50.000 cycles
EN/UL 61058-1 400VAC/10A 50.000 cycles
Housing Plastic reinforced with glass fiber (PBT)
Positions / Forces
Actuating Force Fa max. (N) 6.0
Release Force Fr min. (N) 3.0
Free Position Pr (mm) 17.4 +- 0.5
Operating Position Pr (mm) 16.7 +- 0.3
Over-Travel sr min. (mm) 0.25
Differential Travel sd max. (mm) 0.06
Temperature Range
EN 61058-1 / UL 61058-1 -40º to + 125ºC